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Will you lose nutrients when you porridge with a thermos flask

Sep 16, 2019

Cooking porridge with a thermos bottle will lose nutrients.

If the meat porridge is placed in the vacuum flask for a long time, not only will some of the nutrients be lost to different degrees, but also microbial contamination and nitrite may occur. In the process of making and storing food supplements, attention should be paid to minimizing the loss of nutrients. For the added food supplement, not only the nutritional value but also the food safety issue should be considered.

In the initial processing, the higher the processing precision of the cereal, the greater the loss of the B vitamin. The degree of loss is related to the number of panning, soaking time, water consumption, temperature and other factors. Heating during cooking and post-cooking insulation mainly affect B vitamins. Vitamin B1 may lose 50%-90% of the remainder as heating or incubation time increases