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Why is the water in the thermos cold

Sep 18, 2019

The main reasons: First, uneven heating, hot and cold temperature difference is too large. Second, the air expands and the pressure is too large. This is the cause of most of the hot water bottle explosion. When the bottle is filled with hot water, if the bottle is too tight, the pressure inside the bottle will be too large and explode. To the details:

1. The quality of the thermos bottle is not enough. It will explode when used for the first time.

2. The scale in the bottle is too much, and the scale is not conducive to heat conduction, causing the inner glass to be broken due to uneven heating after being filled with hot water.

3. When pouring water, the spout is in contact with the mouth of the bottle, and the bottle mouth is heated too high and quickly expands and ruptures.

4, just installed cold water, immediately installed hot water, due to uneven heating and sudden changes in air pressure, it will also cause an explosion.

5. After pouring a part of the hot water, it enters the air, and the cork is over-tightened. The cold air expands under the heating of the remaining hot water, causing the pressure inside the bile to be too high and causing an explosion.

6. The bottom of the pot is aging or slack. When the water is lifted, the bottom of the pot falls off, causing the thermos to explode. This is the most common and dangerous.

7. The pot will be weathered and aging after being exposed to sunlight for a long time, which increases the possibility of explosion.