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Why did the thermos suddenly explode

Sep 20, 2019

Originally, the structure of a thermos bottle is vacuum between the two layers of bottles, one can be insulated. Second, because the inner bottle is isolated from the outside air, it will not be affected much if the outside is very cold, so it will not be broken due to heat and cold after encountering hot water. There are two reasons to consider. First, a small button on the bottom of your thermos bottle may have been damaged, causing the vacuum to be lost, so that cold air enters. The temperature difference with hot water causes cracking. Second, the temperature of the cold water that you poured before the hot water is too low, and the heat that is hot is high, and the water is quickly burned, and the liner is hot. Still in a low temperature state, it caused a crack, the solution, if the small button is damaged, directly change the pot, if the cold water is too cold, then wait until the water temperature is close to the room temperature, the heat is inserted fast, so it should not There is a bottle explosion problem