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Why can the thermos keep warm

Sep 07, 2019

The insulation of the thermos is all due to its presence. The bottle liner is actually a small-mouth double-layer glass bottle. The space between the compartments is empty, and the air inside is completely removed to form a vacuum. The glass is coated with a layer of silver that shines like a mirror. After this treatment, the bottle liner has the heat preservation capacity: because the bottle mouth of the bottle liner is small, after filling the hot water, and then a cork is covered, the heat of the hot water is not easily escaped through the bottle mouth; There is no air in the interlayer, heat can not be transmitted to the outside through the bottle glass; the silver layer coated on the glass can reflect the heat scattered from the hot water in the bottle. Three passes, the path to easily escape heat is blocked one by one, this is the secret of the hot water in the thermos is not easy to cold