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Which of the sports bottle aluminum alloy and stainless steel is good

Sep 02, 2019

Of course it is good for stainless steel. Aluminum tableware cookware is not recommended.

Because aluminum itself is soft in texture, it is easy to precipitate and is absorbed by the body. Only 10%-15% of the body's intake of aluminum can be excreted into the body, most of which will accumulate in the body, combined with a variety of important components such as proteins and enzymes, affecting a variety of biochemical reactions in the body, long-term intake will damage the brain It can cause dementia, and may also cause diseases such as anemia and osteoporosis, especially for the elderly, children and pregnant women with weaker body resistance, which can lead to child developmental delay, dementia in the elderly, and pregnant women's intake affecting fetal development. .

Aluminum or aluminum alloy products such as aluminum pots, aluminum pots, and aluminum pots are also sources of aluminum into the human body. Especially when cooking with vinegar for cooking, it accelerates the dissolution of aluminum.

Aluminum alloy contains aluminum, in fact, the shadow of aluminum is relatively largest.