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What kind of material is the best choice for sports bottles when shopping

Sep 02, 2019

1, pay attention to the shape and size of the drinking cup. In general, except for the water bag, the ordinary water cup is fixed on the bottle cage of the car. Therefore, the shape and size of the bottle cage determine the size of the cup you need. The stainless steel sports bottle of the same size is more easily fixed on the bottle cage. On the contrary, the odd-shaped water cup is not easy to be fixed. But in reality, many riders, especially novice girls, buy a cup like a novelty, novelty is novel, but always drop a cup in the ride.

2. Pay attention to the different choices in different seasons. Most outdoor friends are only equipped with a water glass. I recommend here that stainless steel sports water bottles can also be used as outdoor travel cups, and the water temperature can be quickly cooled down, so that it is easier to replenish body fluids when stopped. In the winter, warm water is a must, and some friends like to drink cold water in winter, which is a very bad habit. Because after drinking a lot of water in winter, drinking cold water will irritate the stomach and cause damage to the lungs. These small details, we still need to pay attention.

3. Drinking safety requirements. Insulation cups, plastic cups, etc. are all long-term contact items, so it is extremely important to ensure that they are safe and non-toxic. When a friend chooses a cup, if it is a shopping mall, it is best to take a look. If you buy online, Taobao and other websites should read more comments. For the cups with odors on the ground, for your own health, stay away from it.

4. Personalized needs. For many friends, it is essential to play with the team. Excellent teams generally have items that clearly express their own characteristics, such as uniforms, and of course, water cups. Therefore, sports bottle customization is also necessary.