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Type of function of sports bottle

Aug 30, 2019

1. Sports net kettle with filtering function

The portable net kettle is a new sports bottle in the past two years. Its appearance is similar to that of a traditional kettle. However, its internal filter function filter can quickly filter different fresh water such as outdoor river water, stream water and tap water into straight drinking water, which is convenient for outdoor sports conditions. Get safe, safe drinking water anywhere.

2. Ordinary sports bottle

The traditional sports water can only store the drinking water needed for sports.

3. Folding sports bottle

Portable folding kettle, the bottle can be folded after the water is dry, and does not occupy the place. 1. Sports Refers to the kettles used for some more intense sports occasions, such as running, climbing, etc., which is characterized by more emphasis on the quality and sealing function of the buckle.

2, outdoor use refers to the use of hiking, picnic, tourism and other occasions, characterized by more lightweight, hang buckle multiple forms.

3, students can be said to be similar to the outdoor water bottle, but because it is used by children, the design and production is different from the professional kettle, students use sports water bottles more convenient and easy to use, such as It is possible to use a rotary cover instead of a plug to open the cover.

1, plastic sports bottle

Advantages of plastic: light, heat-conducting, slow-filling hot water is not hot, big mouth, cheap. Disadvantages: not wear-resistant, unqualified materials will have harmful substances.

2, stainless steel sports bottle

Stainless steel advantages: strong, no harmful substances are harmless to humans, heat resistance. Disadvantages: The heat conduction of the single layer is fast and not wearable. The double-layer stainless steel container requires high processing precision, and the joint is prone to water leakage and bacteria.

3, aluminum sports bottle

Advantages of aluminum products: light and stylish. Disadvantages: The heat conduction is too fast, the hot water can't be taken, and the cold water can't be taken. Aluminum products are too soft to be bumped into pits, and excessive aluminum intake can cause harm to the human body.

4. Silicone sports bottle

Advantages of silica gel: it can be folded, easy to carry, light, heat-conducting, slow-filling hot water is not hot, big mouth, heat-resistant, no harmful substances are harmless to people, resistant to falling.

Disadvantages: The material is too soft, and it takes two hands to drink water when there is less water.