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Thermos development history

Aug 26, 2019

Archaeologists have discovered a double-layered container in the ruins of Pompeii in ancient Rome. This container may be the predecessor of the thermos, but the world's first real thermos is actually called "Dewar."

In 1643, the Italians proposed the famous vacuum theory after creating a mercury barometer. This theory is of great significance to the appearance of thermos. But in the next two and a half centuries, no real thermos were invented.

In 1879, the German physicist Dewar took the liquefied gas from the storage laboratory and listened to Professor Horid's suggestion. He used two layers of thin glass in the middle to make a container. In 1881 he wrote the paper "Wainho". Reed bottle.

In 1890, the British chemist Coums Gyor improved the Vaughholid bottle and plated a layer of silver on the bottle wall, which reduced heat radiation and slowed the loss of heat through the glass, so the Giorgio bottle was born. .