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The key to safety and reliability is the inner coating of the sports bottle.

Aug 22, 2019

As we all know, excessive intake of aluminum will cause greater harm to human health. The inner coating of the sports bottle solves the problem of isolation: the water, juice, milk, coffee and other drinks in the sports bottle are separated from the aluminum body. Come.

The composition of the inner layer of the kettle sports bottle is more than 20% resin, about 1% additive, and the rest are solvents. The quality of the sports bottle is good or bad. The most important determinant is whether the inner coating material itself is safe and will not cause harm to human health. In addition, whether the inner coating is sprayed on the inside of the kettle is uniform or sticky. It is firmly attached and reaches the necessary thickness to ensure the reliability of the separation of the beverage from the aluminum body.

Under the pressure of fierce export competition, in order to reduce costs and increase competitiveness, most domestic manufacturers currently use low-cost coating materials, and limited by scale and strength, it is difficult to ensure the inner coating of sports bottles by equipment and technology. The quality of the spray.

The inner coating of the sports bottle must meet the food-grade hygiene requirements, but due to the lack of supervision and testing, the current domestic sports bottle products, in addition to several large-scale manufacturers, are almost all of the inner coatings that are flooding the market with cheap products. There are different levels of problems.


The lid of a general sports bottle is composed of a lid and a washer. In the course of use, the general sports bottle is not too hard because of the quality. The gasket will stick to the spout part because of the tight pressing time, cold or hot temperature factor, and even get out of the lid, which brings troubles. Sometimes it will be lost and affect the reuse of the kettle.

The good sports bottle uses the double injection molding technology to directly integrate the gasket and the lid, which achieves a good sealing effect and fundamentally eliminates the possibility of detachment.

The tightness of the spout portion depends on the degree of fit between the lid and the spout thread. If the degree of coincidence is not high enough, there will be leakage of water during normal use, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to the use. In this regard, many people have had some unpleasant experiences.

In addition, almost all the edges of the sports bottle spout thread are sharp, although the situation of scratching the fingers and lips is not a lot, but it happens occasionally. A good sports bottle will have a more humanized processing and treatment, which is to make the edge of the thread curved, thus completely eliminating the possibility of scratching fingers and lips even with a minimum probability.