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The history of the development of sports bottles

Aug 21, 2019

In fact, the kettle is a water-carrying tool with a simple structure and a single use. Historically, the most used kettles for outdoor sports have been made from the leather and viscera of plants or animals similar to gourds, but such containers have not been able to meet the needs of modern outdoor sports in many aspects, such as safety and hygiene. With the development of science, plastics, stainless steel, aluminum kettles, and silicone kettles have also appeared one after another and have been widely used for a long time.

However, the acquisition of safe and healthy drinking water in outdoor sports has always been a problem for outdoor enthusiasts. Many companies are inspired by household water purifiers, constantly improving and developing. Today, there is a portable outdoor net kettle, of which Diercon Kang The development of the Mir portable outdoor sports net kettle has been accelerated, bringing convenience and peace of mind to outdoor sports enthusiasts, without worrying about drinking water for outdoor sports.