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The cup is useless for a year, how to get rid of the mildew

Sep 18, 2019

1, salt water to taste. First clean the cup with detergent, then pour the diluted salt water into the cup, shake it evenly, place it for two hours, then wash the cup with water several times and then add water to suffocate and then pour off the lid. Leave it in a ventilated place for a few days.

2, add some vinegar, and then rinse with hot water. It can be used several times with boiling water. If there is still taste, it is the quality of the cup itself.

Wash the cup frequently, soak it in diluted vinegar, and put the tea leaves on it! Or use a toothpaste once every few days to remove dirt and remove odor. Squeeze some lemon juice, wash the hot water, and several times, the slightly acid can soften the tea scale and deodorize. Soak the tea leaves, or put some lemon to remove the odor.