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Sports Kettle

Jun 12, 2018

Sports Kettle Type

Many people will doubt that the sports kettle is already a type of a subdivision of the kettle, yes, but if the professional subdivision, can be classified from its application, there are the following:

1, the movement uses: Refers is carries on some more intense sports ground to share the kettle, for instance runs, climbs the mountain and so on, the characteristic is more emphasis hangs the quality and the sealing function.

2, Outdoor use: refers to the use of hiking, picnic, tourism and other occasions, characterized by more lightweight, linked to multiple forms.

3, students use: it can be said that is similar to the outdoor kettle, but because it is used by children, in the design and production with a professional kettle is different, students with a sports kettle more attention to the use of convenient and easy to use, such as can be used to rotate the lid rather than Seizikaigue.

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