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Military Kettle

Jun 12, 2018

Capacity: 1L Overall dimensions: 10*15*18cm pla 3522 Factory-made 78-type multi-function kettle, military field units on active service equipment, can be guaranteed to be issued by the Army of authentic, this product has three functions, lightweight and practical.

Weight: 560g wall thickness: 1.6mm accessories: Aluminum pot body, lid (connected with the pot body), meal box, dinner box cover, the sail to the deployment of hot bags.

78-Type multifunctional kettle features:

1, after the strict oxidation treatment, louhu cover pot body, high temperature, corrosion resistance. 

2, pot body has a lid of aluminum lunch box, lunch box with a stent can be used as a cup stent connection, and cover, and can be hung for pot.

The lid can also block the dust of firewood and can be used for cooking dishes. 

3, many points of the use of folding design, easy to organize and carry.

Canvas of the kettle jacket, has a certain heat preservation, prevent hot effect, can be hung.

4, the spout uses the cold extrusion craft, the smooth formation. Drink without injury, the phenomenon of leakage will never occur when carrying. The Louhu lid with rope will not be lost. 

5, small size, many functions, very practical, easy to carry, not afraid of mantelpiece, lighten the outdoor load. Another army green kettle jacket, you can back on the body.

Some retro is also very windy.

Applicable: Field work, mountaineering, hiking, fishing, camping and so on.

Use skill: Pot body after anti-oxidation treatment, short-term can maintain water quality unchanged, if add a small amount of red wine will prolong freshness time.

Note: When heating with a lunch box, you must first install the handle to avoid burns.

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