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How to remove the taste in the thermos

Sep 10, 2019

1 One of the most common methods is to use hot water. We can pour the boiled hot water into the thermos bottle, then cover it and replace it with hot water after one day, so that the odor can be removed in two days.

2 vinegar can also dilute the smell inside the thermos bottle, we can add water to the thermos bottle, then pour a little vinegar, shake some thermos, put it out for a while, pour out the water, then rinse it off.

3 Orange peel is also the most common way to remove odor. We also put some broken orange peel in the bottle and then add some hot water, so that the hot water can stimulate the taste inside the orange peel, so wait for the hot water. When it is cold, the water is poured out, and the smell in the thermos bottle is gone.

4 lemon slices can also remove the odor inside the thermos bottle, put the cut lemon slices into the thermos bottle, then add some water, shake the thermos bottle, shake it once every time, so that about a day or so the odor is removed.

5 If you drink tea regularly, you can pour the rest of the tea into the thermos bottle, then change the bottle, so it is also very effective to dilute the odor in the thermos via tea.

6 Beer can also dilute the odor. Put the beer into the newly purchased thermos bottle, shake it evenly, then cover it for one day, then pour out the beer to rinse the thermos, and the odor is removed.

7 Wash with toothpaste. Very useful. Clean and tasteless after washing.

8 The last method can go to the supermarket to buy a deodorant specially used to remove odor. It is very effective to remove the odor of the thermos bottle with deodorant, but be sure to rinse the thermos carefully after deodorization.