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How to cook eggs with a thermos cup

Sep 07, 2019

Material: A heat preservation cup with good insulation effect, one egg and boiling water.

Method 1: Put the eggs in a thermos cup, pour in boiling water, cover the lid, and take out the eggs after one hour.

Method 2: The cup is boiled with boiling water, the eggs are also boiled with boiling water, the eggs are placed in a thermos cup, poured into boiling water, the lid is covered, and the eggs are taken out after five hours.

The egg yolk protein thus boiled is shaped like the egg cooked in the pan, and the taste is very good, and the skin is particularly easy to peel off.

When the breakfast cup boiled eggs, you can choose the time according to your personal preference. If you like to eat tender, you can cook less. If you like to eat more, you can cook for a long time.