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Cleaning travel cups

Sep 04, 2019

(1) Remove the tea scale on the metal tea compartment. When using the metal tea compartment, it will become black due to the tea stain. If it can not be washed with a medium-sized detergent, it can be soaked with vinegar or bleached. The agent can be easily descaled after soaking.

(2) Remove the tea scale on the teacup or teapot. If the teacup or teapot is used for a long time, it will be removed by a large amount of tea scale and rubbed with sponge and salt.

(3) In addition to small pieces of tea scale, it can be immersed in a solution of bleach or cleaning powder and left for one night to remove the tea scale.

(4) Scrub with toothpaste or broken egg shell, then rinse with water.