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Can the thermos keep the ice cubes

Sep 11, 2019

Yes, but there are special ice bottles, and the thermos are the same except for the caliber. Thermos can be divided into three categories: Fine mouth type Also commonly known as thermos. The mouth has a small diameter and good thermal insulation performance, and is mainly used for boiling hot water, frying hot Chinese medicine juice, hot drinks and cold drinks. Large mouth type is also commonly called ice bottle. The mouth is large in diameter, and the items are convenient to pick and place. It mainly contains ice cubes, ice cream, cold drinks with containers, iced chemicals, liquid gas, anti-fermentation substances, etc. It can also hold hot food and hot drinks with containers. Cup type is also commonly known as a thermos cup. The mouth has a large diameter and a small capacity, and is mainly used as a food and drink device which can reduce the influence of the ambient temperature on the contents in a short time.