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Can the thermos keep cold

Sep 16, 2019

People use a thermos bottle to hold hot water, because it keeps the hot water cool. So call it a thermos bottle. In fact, the thermos bottle can not only keep "warm", but also keep "cold"!

It turns out that the bottle liner of the thermos bottle is usually made of double-layer glass. The two layers are vacuumed. The two layers of glass are coated with a layer of mercury. Like the mirror, it can block the heat radiated outward. . So the hot water is poured into the thermos, and the heat can't run out at all.

The thermos bottle not only keeps heat, but also the same thing for low temperature. If the popsicle is placed in a thermos bottle, the heat outside is not easy to run into the bottle, and the popsicles can not emit cold air. Not easy to get rid of