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Can the flask cook eggs

Sep 04, 2019

Eggs cooked in a thermos cup are both nutritious, labor-saving and labor-saving, and fully in line with the popular low-carbon life concept.

The current vacuum flask is not only a stainless steel vacuum cup for hot water or ice water. With the expansion of the use group, other functions of the vacuum flask have also been developed. The good quality stainless steel double-layer vacuum flask can make the water in the cup last for more than 80 degrees in 4 hours, put the food into the cup, and then cover it for a long time or so. With the function of the cup insulation, the food is similar to The temperature of boiling water is boring. It is a convenient and economical cooking utensil, and it is safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and the process of sputum does not take the breath, does not evaporate, preserves the food nutrition, the original taste, no need to wait for, no energy status. Therefore, it is fully in line with the current low-carbon life concept.