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Can soy milk be placed in a thermos overnight and then drink the next day

Sep 10, 2019


Soymilk that can't be finished can be stored in the refrigerator, but it should be boiled and cooled, then capped, or sealed with a plastic wrap with good sealing performance. It is not advisable to add sugar before refrigerating. The refrigerating time of soy milk is preferably controlled within 12~24 hours.

Many people think that soy milk has been cooked before refrigerating, and it can be heated slightly when eating. However, for safety, it is recommended that the soy milk taken out from the refrigerator should be boiled before drinking.

It is not enough to use a warm bottle of soy milk to keep warm, because the warm environment of the thermos is very beneficial to the bacteria. In addition, the soap toxin in the soy milk can also dissolve the scale in the thermos bottle, and drinking it will endanger human health.