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Additional parts for thermos

Aug 24, 2019

Additional components are equipped with different components in the form of water. Ordinary thermos are suitable for hand-held shell handles, pouring bottles and pouring water, and need to be equipped with corks. Such as cork stopper, soft rubber expansion plug, plastic ball stopper in the cavity, water-spraying plastic plug, etc. The thermos bottle that is siphoned out of the water needs to be equipped with a siphon and valve device in the bottle. The thermos vented thermos is called a pneumatic thermos and has two structures. It is common to install a small air drum in the cover part, press it by hand or by means of a mechanism, so that the liquid surface is subjected to air pressure and water is discharged through the duct; the other is that a small electromagnetic vibration pump can be installed in the casing to make the liquid surface subject to air pressure. Water is discharged through the catheter. In order to meet the needs of the use of large-mouth thermos for food, there are also components such as a small set of containers with a non-toxic plastic lining and a matching configuration.