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    • Sublimation Vacuum Flask

      Sublimation Vacuum Flask

      High quality stainless steel themos flask with sublimation coating, is resistant to dust,oxygen,corrosion and water, prolonging its service life.And it is durable that it can be used for a long time,even several years.
      Scientific design, it is ergonomic with comfortable using experience owing to its high strength and the soft handle. And it is portable with the small dimension,convenient to move and carry,easy to transport,which can greatly reduce the cost of transportation.
      Equipped with the large capacity, it is able to hold 550 ml which is quite practical.It is a good choice no matter you use at home or the office.

    • Plastic Glass Liner Vacuum Water Bottle

      Plastic Glass Liner Vacuum Water Bottle

      The product is a kind of vacuum water bottle with the plastic glass liner that it is able to keep water warm for a long time.It is ergonomic that it is designed with a handle that you can better carry the bottle.
      It is environmentally friendly that it is safe,healthy that it is odorless,non-toxic that it contains no harmful elements,no lead, no mercury.And it is designed with small size and light weight which is easy to move and carry,convenient to maintain and clean with the comfortable using experience.
      Manufactured with strict standards, it is of stable performance and premium quality,making it cost effective.

    • Bowling Double Wall Stainless Steel

      Bowling Double Wall Stainless Steel

      The water bottle adopts the unique design that it looks like the bowling which is fashionable and beautiful.It will be loved by the bowling fans which will make them happy.
      Double-wall vacuum insulation technology keeps your drinks ice cold or piping hot for hours that you can drink the needed water as soon as possible, which is able to say goodbye to room temperature beverages.
      Using the food-grade stainless steel, it is resistant to corrosion,oxygen and dust, which is able to provide the healthy and safe water.It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic,odorless and tasteless,containing no harmful elements and doing ho harm to human body and nature.

    • Double Wall Vacuum Bottle

      Double Wall Vacuum Bottle

      It is the new product with the fashionable and scientific design that it id ergonomic which is easy to use.And it is environmentally friendly that it is the green product which is healthy and non-toxic.
      The vacuum bottle is all made of the high quality stainless steel, no matter the inside or the outside.The double wall vacuum bottle is of high strength and sturdy frame to make sure the stable and consistent operation of the bottle.